I needed to vent - I apologise

Why is it that all the movies and all the fairy tales glorify these type of sayings, “If its ment to be itll be?” or ” If you love them let them let them go, if its ment to be theyll come back”? - they may be correct but the movies never mentioned how fucking hard it is to let them go, how waking up everyday with them in your mind and then forcing yourself not to message them or snapchat them.

You want fucking space but yet you snapchat me and like my statuses and instagram posts like we are okay? but then I try talk to you and you ignore me?. Seriously FUCK YOU, i do not deserve this. I am a good person and i deserve better, and may I add; if you like me so much and are so attracted to me, you wouldnt be doing this, youd get over this commitment fear you seem to have and you would stop fucking me around.

I wish i could stop thinking about you and cut you off all together, but I cant help thinking how great we would be together, how we are the perfect match, how you and I both know their was an instant connection, how you cant sit their and talk for hours with any other girl, how it must mean something if Ive only known you for a month and I can still feel this much pain. I want you so bad but I cant play this game anymore, I cant wait for you, You are almost 25 years old and these mind games you are playing makes you look like a 15 year old. I need you to choose, either me, or the single life. You cant have both.

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